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Scope and application

Agile Software development contains a set of values and principles needed for the development of software. In agile software development, the requirements and solutions are done by the collaborative effort of self-organizing. Agile Software Development is considered as an umbrella which consist of a set of methods and practices based on the values and principles expressed in the Agile Manifesto. In order to succeed in an uncertain and turbulent environment, agile development is having the ability to create and respond to change it. Agile development offers a framework which is light in weight for helping teams. Agile maintains a focus on the rapid delivery of business values. It maintains the ability of removing constant issues. The benefits of agile development is capable of significantly reducing the overall risks associated with the software development.Software professionals who had experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional waterfall development on various projects, agile method is one the best solutions which has come out of the real-life project situations.

Agile is a better tool that make opportunities for both the client and the team to get involved in all steps of agile project development. It also provides high degree of capability to understand the actual vision of the client. Showing the client the step by step increase in the agile development, will make them increase their trust upon you that you are very much eligible to deliver the premium quality products.

Why Choose Us?

Here are some of the reasons we think you consider working with Phosgait. 

Early delivery

In agile development, we deliver the project frequently after each steps of development. So new features will be able to deliver after each step. This makes our team to deliver the complete result at the most earliest than the date of delivery. 

Reasonable cost

Since the project delivery to the client is made in each step of agile development, the cost for the work will be in a fixed schedule. To give the client a total amount together, the client can easily recognize what amount is costed for a particular feature development in the agile project. This will help the client to remove the unwanted features according to the cost and risks.

Transparency & Visibility

In agile development, the client is given opportunity to be involved in the entire project during various steps. 
Transparency is added in exchange of work in progress by the client, and the only thing the client needs is to understand the work that they see.

Exist only very minute faults

Since the delivery of agile project is done frequently, the testing of the functionality will be accurate. The project will be started early and the bugs are fixed during each part of development since each feature is submitted before the client each time. The test driven development approach of agile, provides the client a high quality product with less bugs.