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Scope and application

ERP is a powerful tool mainly used in businesses. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. The basic essential things which is needed for a business organization is inventory, order management, accounting, customer relationship management, human resources, etc. ERP integrates all the functionalities into a single system. These unavoidable things needed for the business are special functionalities which is having different databases. So ERP has a shared database which integrates all these databases together. ERP helps employees to do their jobs more efficiently by breaking down barriers between business units. 

ERP provides a real time view of data. It enables companies to address concerns proactively and drive improvements. Since ERP is using a shared database, there is no need of manually entering details required for each business unit functionality. So ERP reduces risk by accurately entering the data automatically. ERP also improves financial compliance with regulatory standards. ERP automates core business operations such as lead to cash, order of fulfillment, pay procedures process etc. IT enhances customer service by providing one source for billing and relationship tracking.

Features of our ERP

Financial management

Financial management is one of the most important functionality of ERP. It is considered as important module because ERP provides proper financial reporting with high accuracy.

Human Resource Management

Another important feature of ERP is human resource management. This module deals with customers and your employees. Human resource management was the module which was given less importance. It includes functions such as employee management, basic reporting, etc. Nowadays human resource management has grown much better with functions such as performance assessment, time tracking, scheduling, attendance management, etc.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM deals with sale of your business including entire customer, leads etc. Many business organizations create CRM module when they implement ERP. CRM ensures proper management and support for your customer and leads to complete growth in your business.

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