Internet Of Things

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Scope and application

Internet of things(IoT) is the concept of connecting devices which are having ON and OFF states. Not only cell phones but also all the things like washing machine, coffee makers, tablets, headphones, wearable devices etc. attached with a sensor will have the ability to connect. IoT is a very huge network of connected things.This network includes the relationship between people-people, people-things, and things-things. These things can collect and exchange data. Phosgait ensures this security and provide you premium quality products with high accuracy and high security. 

High increase in the availability of Internet, more devices can be created using Wi-Fi capabilities and sensors built into them, cost of technology is going down, and penetration of smartphones are skyrocketing. All these create a perfect storm for Internet of Things.

In reality, IoT allows endless opportunities and connections of devices which we can't even think of. There occurs many challenges for IoT. One of the main issue is the case of Security. 

Factors of IoT

IoT Security

For the case of companies, they will collect data beyond traditional IT boundaries, security measures for IoT will be critical. It is one of the most important challenge IoT faces. IoT includes some key features like monitoring devices. It can also encrypt sensitive data and build risk mitigations into systems.

IoT Platform

IoT platform helps in developing , deploying and managing IoT and M2M applications. It automates processes and network connections, store and manage sensor data connect and control your devices, and analyze your data.

IoT Cloud

IoT cloud solutions provide rapid connectivity of data networks which extends the reach and usability of your IoT applications. They provide data storage, processing , analysis and remote device management.

IoT Data

Even though the connectivity is interrupted, IoT data management technologies ensures the collection of right data at the right time. It can process huge amount of data generated by thousands of devices.

Decreased Cost

Industry predicts that demand of smart devices and things which can communicate with each other on their own is said to increase by many folds in the near future. Eventually both government and private sector enterprises with considerable investments can increase in the production capacities of basic IoT components. The growing competition among manufacturers can also contribute towards affordability of currently expensive IoT devices such as smart cars, high-end sensors, smart entertainment sets, etc.

Giant Data Connectivity

IoT cloud will create a massive difference in business industry. IoT cloud will be having access to inter communicating devices from any corner of the world. Increasing the influence of Big Data technologies, the utility of data will be revolutionized. This will create a significant impact on both business and daily life.

Improved Quality & Quantity of sensor

Industries all over the world have recognized the potential and ability of IoT, and have already started to pay funds to improve its growth. Production and development of various IoT components requires better quality chipsets and sensors for developing them. Best quality sensors and chipsets used for developing various modules of IoT leads to better performance of IoT components.

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