Offshore Development

Pillar features a bevy of content blocks
and layouts to create your website.

Over 2,000 Icons

Pillar includes the Icons Mind kit with each purchase.

Support Included

Each Pillar purchase comes with 6 months support included.

Perfect for startups

Including tons of vibrant, carefully styled componenents.

E-commerce styling

Beautiful product pages and unique sidebar cart included.

Scope and application

Offshore development is the building up of end to end solutions of your website in another country other than customer's country. Offshore development allows you to save the cost of materials and to control them without any overhead and employee cost. Cloud computing technology has made wonders in this world today. So parent companies are interested to invest more in offshore software development and be able to control them. Offshore development has become more popular in getting successful business strategies. Offshore development focuses on the core activities. At the same time, guarantees the fulfillment of all requirements of the client with reasonable and cost effective way providing with premium quality products.

Offshore development is considered as one of the best cost effective one to get the solution in a better way with less price. Here there is a higher rate of earning since there is difference in the currency. The cost for the development of local services paved the way for the concept of offshore development.

One of the most important advantage of having offshore development is, it is cost effective and its use of time. Without distracted by the calls for having development issues, we are ready to create unique websites for your business organization. Phosgait is having a dedicated team to take care of the development to design end to end.

Offshore development is scalable since it is expanded in geography with linguistic skills, cultural and political affluence of current as well as the surrounding nations. This helps creating job opportunities within the country.

Why Choose Us?

Phosgait has a unique set of framework activities for the software process. We divides each framework activity to our team members and they split them into different tasks to achieve the actual goal. We offer competitive pricing and outstanding customer service for any help. 100% guaranteed solutions is one of the best qualities of Phosgait.