Web Development

Pillar features a bevy of content blocks
and layouts to create your website.

Over 2,000 Icons

Pillar includes the Icons Mind kit with each purchase.

Support Included

Each Pillar purchase comes with 6 months support included.

Perfect for startups

Including tons of vibrant, carefully styled componenents.

E-commerce styling

Beautiful product pages and unique sidebar cart included.

Scope and application

The look and feel of your website indicates the brand of your business organization. A website can promote online business marketing facilities. Phosgait starts by grasping the knowledge about your business goals and then generate entrepreneur interface which experience design and developing work plans to achieve your business goals.

  Actually website development is short named to web development. Here Phosgait creates a website as per the client's requirements with functionalities coded in any of the programming languages such as Java, PHP, etc. Our web development services include Custom Application Development, Content Management System, E-commerce Development, etc. Phosgait guarantees to provide you complete solutions for your website needs. We are happy to work with you, even though it is a web development solution or a complete customized web development project. Our web developers, who are updated with latest technologies, tackle your needs by using most professional and advanced resources. We make sure that the final output that we deliver is exactly what you were looking for.

  Web development not only includes creating a fresh new website but also it includes maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as web design, web programming, and database management.Web development and web designing is entirely different even though they are used simultaneously. Web development may involve designing a website, write web scripts in languages such as PHP and ASP.

Also a our web development team also help in maintaining and updating the database which is used by a dynamic website.

  Web development includes functions like coding of functionalities needed in the web pages, call to actions, updating blogging etc. There are many ways to create websites. Always a CMS method web development is better for the customer customization. So our web development team works hard for the client to result in a simplified , high customization website. For the case of large organizations, CMS will not be a preferable way in creating websites. Instead they have a dedicated team of web developers who will be working for their company website.Small organization mostly prefer solutions like WordPress that provides a basic website template and simplified editing tools.

  There are two broad divisions in web development.

Front End development:

Front-end development refers to the construction of the front page of the web application that means what user sees when they load a web application. It includes the content, design and how you interact with it. This is done with three codes, that is HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Back End development

It is duty of back-end developers to handle the issues behind the scenes of web application. The back-end of an application uses a database which is used to generate the front end. Back end development is done by some of the coding languages like Java, PHP etc.

Why Choose Us?

We are innovators in the industry who provides 100% guaranteed solutions for your needs. We promise you you will feel awesome to work with us since we will have the top solutions for your needs! If any unexpected issues occur to your site, Phosgait is ready to accept the challenge to resolve them. Our experienced professionals helps you in anything and at anytime. No matter what your needs are, Phosgait is ready for to help you.